about rachael

As a full-time artist and mama to a pile of wonderful kids, I draw on every wild force around me for ideas of how I want to be in this world. I hold dear the belief that creating is the most important act in maintaining a sane life. Making things shows me the pathway to balance and grace. I have been creating ever since my first cloudy memory and working in the medium of glass since 1995. Being self-taught, my influences are as varied as travel can be, taking in produce displays at markets, and hiking trails through mossy forests and over empty lava flows. Tempered by the volatility and purity of emotion, I use the inherently vibrant colors of glass to evoke a tapestry of contrasts. Fusing enables me to share my tumult and visions with the world.

I work alone in a winter-chilly, summer-hot garage studio surrounded by hundreds of sheets of glass and a rainbow frit tapestry above my head and work table. Sometimes I work on my dining room table with a baby underfoot. Sometimes I don't work for weeks while I focus on my family growing up fulfilled, enriched, intrigued and well received. I am passionate when I create, and I am passionate in my day to day. I find there is flourish in the moment of now, and color adds panache and depth, two things of which I am very fond.

My fused glass jewelry catches the light, teases the eye. There are classic, beautiful and whimsical designs. Whatever suits your fancy, be sure that when wearing it, you should be prepared for compliments.


about fused glass house

It all started in the early 1990's; I made stained glass earrings and my stepdad Jack came up with the name Ear Rigs, which I thought was cute, like I was rigging creations for your ears. Years later, I grew tired of the confusion with 'earwigs'--my least favorite insect.

In 2000, when I bought a kiln to teach myself to fuse glass, my studio was in the stairwell of my apartment. My poor sweet baby got glass slivers in his crawling knees, and I knew it was time to leave the yellow formica countertops and dark green pile carpet for a house of our own. I figured I could fuse my way into a house...if I appropriately named my business. I had my Fused Glass House, and now I inhabit another. This one is set within a backdrop of trees, and is noisy with five tumbleweed kids. My studio is a fort in a section of our garage. It is my temple to all that can be; a fusion of the temporal and the sublime, with a healthy dash of hilarity and fumes.