welcome to fused glass house

Fused glass, stronger than a drinking glass, all the molecules neatly arranged by a process called
annealling. Molten color. Handcrafted. Every bit of color is a small piece of glass, cut from a large
sheet, layered, arranged and melted together in a kiln with temperatures ranging from 1475-1700
degrees. The glass melts into a beautiful puddle, and then slowly cools. The process takes up to
14 hours, and we remelt some pieces for additional effects. Then we set them in hand fabricated
sterling silver bezels, each one made to match the glass. This frames the artwork without taking
away from the design, and also makes a sturdy piece of jewelry that will last for many years
something to be worn, cherished and handed down.

fire leads to beauty

This is the art of color alchemy, of trust that fire leads to beauty, of sharp blades made smooth. This
is work made with passion when the babies are asleep. A crow would take these in a flash to her
nest, but I leave them out for you. Simple, colorful work made to evoke quiet, with an edge of
boldness to keep you awake, a slip of the unexpected to keep you watching for more, and a
border of shiny silver to remind you that there is always light, always another place where you'll
find treasures - the smooth things that fit into your hands and pockets.